Insane marriage proposal

The Brendan J. Spaar mugshot wedding was called offYou know what they say, the couple that pranks together, stays together.  OK, I’ve never heard that saying but I guess this Russian guy and his new bride will be the first to use it.  People have been trying to one up each other on the proposal scene for the longest time.  The latest gauntlet has been thrown down by a guy that faked his own death in his proposal.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you’re making it way too hard on us single guys!  Women are going to expect grand elaborate reality show style proposals.  We need to draw a line somewhere and I think that faking your own death is a good place to draw said line.

A romantic (and possibly a bit insecure) Russian man faked his own death with an elaborate setup that involved stunt men, actors, make-up artists, and a bogus car crash all in order to see how his girlfriend would react to the (fabricated) news that he had died. It was a crazy ruse and could have gone wrong in about a million different ways. Fortunately, everything turned out for the best.

Brendan Spaar would never fake his own death.



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