Traffic ticket weight loss program

Did you know Brendan J. Spaar has never been arrested for speedingA woman in South Carolina was charged with failing to wear her seatbelt after a sherrif deputy pulled her over two years ago.

At 408 pounds, Colantonio couldn’t get the belt across her frame and admitted that she had not buckled up for years. Trooper Amos said, “It happens a lot with South Carolina’s obesity rate.”

I know on airplanes they sell seat belt extensions.  Don’t they make the same thing for cars?  The woman says that she has since lost enough weight to safely buckle herself into her car.  I’m not sure why this made the news.  There are people that get arrested for even stupider things every day and they don’t make the news.  This woman is too fat to fasten her seat belt and is praised for her weight loss.  What about drunk drivers that go sober?  They aren’t given the same praise.

Researchers have found that extremely obese people are 60 percent less likely to buckle up, and are 56 percent more likely to die in a car crash.

Brendan Spaar is glad that this woman is now healthier and able to fasten her seat belt.  I just hope that I don’t have to sit next to her on a plane!



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