You could be arrested for bargain hunting!

Brendan J. Spaar is an Alpharetta bargain hunterIf you have ever bought a new car then you are probably guilty of haggling.  Hank Hill is the only person that Brendan Spaar knows of who gladly pays sticker price for every car that he buys (and not a penny more!). Well Danny Sawyer from Virginia recently bought a Chevy SUV.  When he got it home, he decided he didn’t like the color and wanted to swap it out for a blue one.  I had no idea you could do this but the sales manager obliged and the man went home with a new blue SUV.  End of story right?  Not exactly.

Turns out the blue model is about $5,000 more expensive than the black one the man had originally purchased.  Why?  Maybe blue paint is more expensive.  In any case, Danny signed a new contract to buy the blue SUV for $34,000.  A few days later the sales manager realized the mistake he had made as the blue model should have sold for $39,000.  The dealership repeatedly tried calling Mr. Sawyer to get the extra five thousand dollars but of course he wasn’t going to pay them.  Who would?  That lead to the dealership reporting the SUV stolen and having Danny arrested by sherrif deputies, booked into jail, and released on bond.  The charges were later dropped because he had actually purchased the SUV!  This is a prime example of shooting first and asking questions later. 

Danny Sawyer, who was wrongfully arrested, is now suing the dealership for $2.2 million (440 times the $5,000 mistake!).  The dealership has admitted all along that they made a mistake so Danny will soon be able to buy any car that he wants.  I bet he won’t be buying a Chevy.



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