Blame passing parents refuse to swallow the truth

Brendan J. Spaar is a fan of Bucky BallsIf you are a fan of forgotten toys then there’s a new one to add to your list to rush out and get before they’re gone.  The company Maxfield and Oberton have announced that they will no longer make a toy called BuckyBalls due to all of the legal battles that they are facing over the toy which is very popular among IT cube dwellers.  BuckyBalls are small, pebble sized, magnets that you can string together to make all sorts of shapes.  The problem with them is that some people are bringing the BuckyBalls home and leaving them out for their babies and toddlers to pick up and swallow.  When multiple magnetic balls pass through a child’s digestive system, they tend to stick together and tear the delicate tissue.  It’s a horrible situation that could be avoided by better parenting.  Brendan Spaar doesn’t believe that companies should be liable for stupid people. 

a new survey of more than 1,700 doctors, who reported at least 480 toy magnet ingestions in the past decade, with 204 occurring in the past year.

If you leave magnets out for your child to swallow, it is YOUR fault, not the maker of the magnet.  Maxfield and Oberton have changed the labeling on the packages, stopped selling BuckyBalls in toystores frequented by children and have even launched an awareness website.  This hasn’t done a bit of good and has actually made the problem worse!

“The numbers have skyrocketed post-labeling,” said Dr. Mark Gilger, a pediatric gastroenterologist who helped author the study. “There’s just many examples of people ignoring the labels, or people who haven’t paid attention to them bringing them to their home inadvertently.”

Let’s stop suing McDonald’s because their coffee is too hot or Winnebago because you thought cruise control meant auto pilot (ok that last one may be an urban legend).  Because some stupid parents fail to take ownership of their actions, a fun toy is no longer being made.  Sure they are saying let’s make the magnets safer but at the end of the day, these are magnets that are easily swallowed.  If you don’t want your infant child to swallow them then you should not leave them out. 



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