Mega preacher Joel Osteen believes most people want to give him money

Brendan J. Spaar of Alpharetta GA does not watch Joel Osteen on TVMany people have said over the years that mega preachers are nothing more than snake oil salesmen making promises to their flock in exchange for money. Brendan Spaar watched Joel Osteen this morning and found him to be a great motivational speaker. One thing that was a little odd was all of the merchandising throughout the hour. It seemed like every word was accompanied by something on screen prompting you to make a purchase whether it was for a book or an upcoming speaking engagement or even just “money for nothing.” Now Mr. Osteen is quoted as saying that ‘Most People Desire to Have a Relationship with God.’ Osteen may be confusing having a relationship with being God’s friend so that you can get into heaven. It’s sort of like putting up with a fat girl so that you can impress her hot girlfriend.