Everything’s Better With Coke- even Wi-Fi

Back in the 60s, Coke had a saying, “Things Go Better With Coke”. Guess that’s still true today because people in rural South Africa can now get free Wi-Fi from Coke vending machines.

BT Global is teaming with Coke to make it available to people that can afford it the least. Coca-Cola South Africa chief information officer David Visser said that providing access to free Wi-Fi will allow students and schoolchildren to “increase their knowledge through research while also giving entrepreneurs and small business owners in the community the opportunity to manage some of their business aspects online”.

There are 2 planned locations for the Wi-Fi “coolers”.Both locations are in areas near schools and shopping so people will have easy access to them. Internet access is  free via Wi-Fi without any purchase requirement of any kind and is accessible for the duration of the time spent at the locations.

How do they plan to avoid a slow down on the Information Superhighway as well as avoid crowds around the Coke sites? Imagine just wanting to grab a quick refreshing Coke and having to battle your way through people trying to send emails or Google the latest news.

Brendan Spaar wishes Coke would offer free Wi-Fi here in the U.S. More and more places are offering it free to their customers but they probably wouldn’t be happy if you used it without making a purchase. Maybe one day we might be able to enjoy a Coke while surfing the web for free.