Is that a bear or did you just win the lottery?

We’ve all seen the smiling faces of people holding giant checks after they’ve claimed their mega million lottery prize. Lots of times people delay coming forward until they’ve established a trust to handle the issues that come along with winning. It seems that the US isn’t the only country with HUGE payouts and winners that want to protect their privacy.

In China, it’s not unusual for winners to come in costumes or dress up to hide their faces. In the past, winners have claimed their prizes dressed as Micky Mouse, a giant panda and most recently, a bear. The latest winner claimed his $85 million prize dressed in a bear costume. He gave the usual lottery winner speech about giving some of the money to charity and being excited about winning. Like many US lottery players, he said he doesn’t play regularly and buys his tickets at random. Now he has 85 million reasons to be glad he played this time.

In the US, it’s legal for winners to remain anonymous in only 5 states (Delaware, Kansas, Maryland, North Dakota, and Ohio). Brendan Spaar has never won the lottery but understands wanting to keep winning money a secret. People seem to come from everywhere when they hear of someone getting a big payoff of cash. Chinese lottery winners pay a 20% tax on their prize money, which is about $17 million for the winner dressed up as a bear.

Brendan Spaar is wondering who he’d get as a “stand in” for him if he wins. With mega millions as a prize, maybe a comedian or other actor to play the role. So next time you buy that lottery ticket, be thinking of what you’ll do if you win. It doesn’t hurt to dream!