Nintendo & Mario watch you sleep

Nintendo is most commonly known as the maker of video game systems and games that excite and challenge people of all ages. Brendan Spaar got his first Nintendo system when he was in 2nd grade. It is still in his collection along with the Super Nintendo, Nintendo64, Game Boy and Wii. Most of the games were designed to test skill, reflexes and just plain stamina because playing could go on for hours non-stop.

Along came the Wii and a slight shift in gaming to a more interactive way of playing. No longer were the video game systems looked at as something strictly for kids. The days of being confined to a chair in front of a screen were coming to an end. Even senior citizens could be found using Wii Fit to get moving.

It seems that Nintendo is continuing to push from the gaming area of technology and into the possibly larger health/living area. The newest offerings from the gaming giant will be in the QOL (quality of life) health focused devices. The first one we’ll be seeing is a bedside sensor designed to track sleep, send that info into the cloud and give suggestions for getting more rest.

Nintendo’s president wants to redefine the company’s idea of entertainment. The company was founded in 1889 to make Japanese playing cards so the emphasis has always been on entertainment. It’ll be interesting to see if this new venture proves to be successful. It’s a gamble to go in a new direction but Brendan Spaar hopes they won’t leave the gaming sector in a deep sleep while they pursue this new venture.