Toys For Big Boys- A Car That Will Transform You!

There are thousands of guys out there that really love to tinker with cars. On weekends you can find them with their heads under the hood or lying underneath surrounded by tools. It’s a real obsession to turn their everyday set of wheels into a super car destined to take over the highway.That may explain why the audience at any of the Transformers movies is mostly male, young and old.

Well, if you’ve ever dreamed of “transforming” your family car into a superhero’s dream come true, you might want to check out the work that Kenji Ishida of Brave Robotics has been doing. He too has had this dream since he was a teenager but now is making it come true. He’s helped create a real working prototype called Project J-Diete and it’s a collaboration between Brave Robotics and Asratec.

His robot is about 3 1/2 feet tall so it’s a bit smaller than the Optimus Prime we remember from the movies. In the robot mode, it can walk about 20mph which is slower than what we see in the movies but it’s still impressive. Once it” transforms” into a car, it picks up speed to about 40mph. Perfect for that morning commute or quick trip to Wal-mart.

The new “Transformer” will be 4 times larger (11ft tall) and transform into ready to drive in about 10 seconds.You’ll be able to drive it from inside or remotely. It should have room for 2 passengers. Can you imagine the look on the face of your date if you showed up in this?

You have time to start saving up for your new “toy”. They hope to have a final version ready by 2017. I bet you can guess what’ll be on my Christmas list!